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  2. Hi Paul, Thank you for your feedback. We are looking at these issues so we can provide a fix on the next release. Kind Regards, Angeli
  3. After my PC was updated to Wellnomics 5.5.5, the Dashboard always opens when I sign in to my PC. Wellnomics v.5.5.7 was just installed, and the behavior is the same. I haven't been able to find an option to stop the Dashboard from opening. Is there one? If not, please add one, or just stop it from happening like it used to be. When the Daily Status Panel is the only item open on my PC, the Windows key can't be used. I have to open another app or click on the desktop to get the Windows key to respond. This problem is easily repeatable: click on the Daily Status Panel and try pressin
  4. This was very helpful, thank you @Angeli User The Settings -> Ease of Access Keyboard Settings tip is really good, thanks for pointing it out! My organization is still on 5.5.5. When running normally, "T" starts a WorkPace Break; when DND is enabled, "T" turns off DND, and "A" starts a break. For future reference should someone else come looking: D -> Status Panel T -> WorkPace Break (when DND is not enabled) A -> when in DND mode, "A" starts a WorkPace Break E -> Exercise N + 3 -> Do Not Disturb for 30 minute (D
  5. Hi Rholt, What hot keys where you using before? The only one that we changed is around Do Not Disturb instead of Standby. On 5.5.7, If you right click on the system tray, hot keys as below: D -> Status Panel T -> WorkPace Break E -> Exercise N + 3 -> Do Not Disturb for 30 minute (DND replaced Standby) V -> Risk Profile O -> Dashboard Windows DOES NOT show these underlines by default, however, I find that when you turn the below settings on - it does. Kind Regards, Angeli
  6. @Angeli User - I haven't seen a reply to my last post in this topic, you changed the thread to "moderated", meaning "edited or censored" -? Your reply (above) feels disingenuous. The hotkeys are not displayed, and the shortcuts that used to work DO NOT WORK any more. If this is a matter of user error (mine), please do educate me on how to use these "not visible hotkeys". Looking forward to your reply, thank you.
  7. Hi RHolt, Apologies for the delay. Our devs have confirmed that the hotkeys are still there but unfortunately, you will not be able to see them highlighted because they have been implemented differently. However, you will still be able to use them as you should with the old version. I understand that this may cause issues but we had to do this as the old implementation was causing more issues than this new one. Kind Regards, Angeli
  8. @Angeli User, assuming that you are the Admin who posted about a future release... when is that release coming out? And will the hotkeys be put back into the UI? Thanks for considering it, please do respond -
  9. We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Windows has been deployed to the website! Bug Fixes Settings in default policy are not applied for new users There were sporadic instances where updated duration and intervals for default policies are not applied for new users. This issue has been fixed and can no longer be replicated in this new build. (WPC-509) Application contacting the server too frequently It has been reported that in some cases, the application keeps trying to contact the server too often, generating issues both on the client and the serv
  10. We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Mac has been deployed to the website! New Features and Enhancements Mac OS Big Sur The application has been enhanced to ensure compatibility with the upcoming Mac OS Big Sur. This allow users who are wanting to upgrade to the latest OS to continue using the product without any issues. Bug Fixes Unable to resize console window after clicking on maximize button When the app has been converted to a menulet application, there was an issue where the user is able to maximize the window but unable to resize it back. Maxim
  11. Hi Rholt, Thanks for the feedback. This has been logged on our board pending feedback internally. We have a new release coming out and I will let you know of any updates regarding this. Kind Regards, Angeli
  12. Why were keyboard shortcuts removed in v 5.5.5 for Wellnomics tray icon? PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR HOTKEYS. In version 5.5.5, the context menu changed and no longer includes keyboard shortcut keys. In my org, we use keyboard shortcuts for as much as we can, in part to limit mouse usage. In version 5.0.4, you can right-click the tray icon, then use "S" and "1" to go on Standby mode for 15 minutes: In version 5.5.5, the menu changed to "Do not disturb" and the hotkeys have been removed: PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR HOTKEYS.
  13. Hi Luc, We do have plans on supporting a wider range of applications. Unfortunately, we currently do not have time frames for this. Any update regarding this will be posted in this forum. Thanks for supporting our product. Kind Regards, Angeli
  14. Hi Angeli, Thanks for the feedback. Could you tell if there are any plans on supporting IntelliJ in the near/far future? Maybe a ticket I can follow so I know when it might be available. Switching IDE is not really an option for me and so far I haven't been able to find a replacement that comes anywhere near the functionality of workpace. Kind regards, Luc
  15. We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Windows has been deployed to the website! New Features and Enhancements Help files update Help text files within the application have been updated to reflect the changes made to the website URLS and terminologies around the product. This ensures that users will be redirected to the correct web pages. (WPC-478) Allow for hiding the wizard settings in the app Users can normally select settings presets from the settings drop down. There is now an option to hide this from the user to remove confusion and conflict between
  16. Hi Luc, Thank you for the interest in our product. Unfortunately, we currently do not support IntelliJ for application time tracking. We hope we can include this in the future but for now, as for development work, we can support the following: Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Kind Regards, Angeli
  17. For my work as a software developer I depend largely on Intellij for doing my work. However when using the trial version I recently noticed that whenever I'm working in Intellij workpace doesn't register anything and the counters for my micro/work break start refreshing. I'm not sure if this is a bug in any way or if I need to enable/disable anything in Intellij for the two programs to work together or if this might be a bug of some sort. Could you please advise in how to handle the combination of these two programs? Since I need to use Intellij resolving this issues will largely influenc
  18. Hi Ann, What version are you currently using? Under Settings is the Display Exercises During WorkPace Break ticked? Kind Regards, Angeli
  19. All of a sudden the welnomics allert window which pops up for a workbreak or time out does not appear visually anymore. I hear the sound to alert me, but I cannot see the time keeper and/or the window with the excercises. How can I fix this? Thanks for your help, Anne van Seters
  20. Hi Sarah, The Wellnomics recommendations are based upon how much time you use your mouse (or keyboard) and how much activity you do with it, including how often you take breaks. There are a great many different designs of mouse and keyboard available to suit different users and which users may find more comfortable to use based upon their individual preferences. However, there is not enough published research suggesting that an ergonomic mouse or keyboard by themselves can significantly offset the health risks due to long periods of constrained posture and muscle tension involved in usi
  21. HI All How can I let Wellnomics known I am using an ergonomic mouse or keyboard so its reports are adjust to reflect that? Currently I am showing as at medium risk for mouse use and that risk should actually be lower given the use of an ergonomic mouse Right now the resulting report is not accurate and thus becomes of little value to me Let me know Thank you Sarah
  22. We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Mac has been deployed to the website! New Features and Enhancements Wellnomics WorkPace has been notarized with Apple The previous version of the application has raised concerns regarding security due to it being tagged as harmful by Mac OS. This is no longer the case since the app has been notarized by Apple. Notarization provides assurance that Apple’s servers have checked the code, ensuring it has no harmful or malicious code. (WP-1287) Installer now provides user with next steps Wellnomics WorkPace requires permi
  23. Installation To install Wellnomics WorkPace in MacOSX: 1. Please download WorkPace for Mac from our website at www.wellnomics.com. 2. Double-click on the WorkPace MacOSX DMG package file. 3. Follow the instructions to install WorkPace. WorkPace will be installed, and a shortcut added to run it automatically at startup. 4. Close the Window containing the shortcut to your Applications, and the Workpace.app installer. 5. Use the Finder to open your Applications, and double-click on Workpace.app to launch WorkPace for the first time.
  24. Feel free to use this forum to share what you know and also learn from others. Please refer to the community guidelines if you have any questions about the rules: https://community.wellnomics.com/forum/23-forum-rules-and-guidelines/
  25. Approximately 10-20kb per day, or 3-4MB per year.
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