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  2. For my work as a software developer I depend largely on Intellij for doing my work. However when using the trial version I recently noticed that whenever I'm working in Intellij workpace doesn't register anything and the counters for my micro/work break start refreshing. I'm not sure if this is a bug in any way or if I need to enable/disable anything in Intellij for the two programs to work together or if this might be a bug of some sort. Could you please advise in how to handle the combination of these two programs? Since I need to use Intellij resolving this issues will largely influenc
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  4. Hi Ann, What version are you currently using? Under Settings is the Display Exercises During WorkPace Break ticked? Kind Regards, Angeli
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  6. All of a sudden the welnomics allert window which pops up for a workbreak or time out does not appear visually anymore. I hear the sound to alert me, but I cannot see the time keeper and/or the window with the excercises. How can I fix this? Thanks for your help, Anne van Seters
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  8. Hi Sarah, The Wellnomics recommendations are based upon how much time you use your mouse (or keyboard) and how much activity you do with it, including how often you take breaks. There are a great many different designs of mouse and keyboard available to suit different users and which users may find more comfortable to use based upon their individual preferences. However, there is not enough published research suggesting that an ergonomic mouse or keyboard by themselves can significantly offset the health risks due to long periods of constrained posture and muscle tension involved in usi
  9. HI All How can I let Wellnomics known I am using an ergonomic mouse or keyboard so its reports are adjust to reflect that? Currently I am showing as at medium risk for mouse use and that risk should actually be lower given the use of an ergonomic mouse Right now the resulting report is not accurate and thus becomes of little value to me Let me know Thank you Sarah
  10. We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Mac has been deployed to the website! New Features and Enhancements Wellnomics WorkPace has been notarized with Apple The previous version of the application has raised concerns regarding security due to it being tagged as harmful by Mac OS. This is no longer the case since the app has been notarized by Apple. Notarization provides assurance that Apple’s servers have checked the code, ensuring it has no harmful or malicious code. (WP-1287) Installer now provides user with next steps Wellnomics WorkPace requires permi
  11. Installation To install Wellnomics WorkPace in MacOSX: 1. Please download WorkPace for Mac from our website at www.wellnomics.com. 2. Double-click on the WorkPace MacOSX DMG package file. 3. Follow the instructions to install WorkPace. WorkPace will be installed, and a shortcut added to run it automatically at startup. 4. Close the Window containing the shortcut to your Applications, and the Workpace.app installer. 5. Use the Finder to open your Applications, and double-click on Workpace.app to launch WorkPace for the first time.
  12. Feel free to use this forum to share what you know and also learn from others. Please refer to the community guidelines if you have any questions about the rules: https://community.wellnomics.com/forum/23-forum-rules-and-guidelines/
  13. Approximately 10-20kb per day, or 3-4MB per year.
  14. Data on when and how often the user adjusts their sit-stand desk, the height of the desk, and how long they spend standing or sitting at the desk during the day. No personal information is stored – only a one-way hash based upon the user’s domain & username.
  15. Whenever a higher level break is due soon any lower-level breaks that are coming up are suspended. This is designed to avoid too much disruption of your work by giving you a micro-pause immediately followed by break, or a break immediately followed by your daily limit warning. When you ignore a daily limit warning the daily limit is then extended by an amount relative to the size of your daily limit — normally about 30 minutes to 1 hr. The problem is that if a break is due but your daily limit is about to be displayed again shortly then WorkPace will decide to reset the break counter and wait
  16. WorkPace take a break app tries to detect natural pauses and breaks in your work and thus avoid warning you unnecessarily. This is intended to help reduce the level of disruption of your work by WorkPace which many people can find irritating. For a micropause to be effective you must relax your muscles to allow restoration of blood flow and reduction of fatigue build up. This normally means letting go of the mouse or taking your hands away from the computer keyboard and dropping them at your sides, or in your lap to relax. Hopefully, when WorkPace prompts you to take a micro-pause this is what
  17. For micropauses you are defined as using the keyboard or mouse if you have made any action within the last 5 secs. The chances are that even if there is 5 seconds between two successive actions you will still have been holding your hands over the keyboard, or gripping the mouse between these two actions. If there is longer than 5 seconds between actions then it is more likely that you let go of the mouse, or relaxed your hands and arms is higher. (See How does WorkPace take a break app measure computer (and mouse) usage? for more on why the time spent in static positions is the more important
  18. Calculating your actual time using the computer workstation — i.e. the keyboard or mouse is not quite as straightforward as might first appear. Firstly why are we trying to measure computer workstation usage? As far as the WorkPace take a break app is concerned, the major ergonomics in the workplace risk factors for RSI/WMSD problems from computer workstation overuse are muscle tension and constrained posture, not so much just the actions of typing, clicking, and moving the mouse. Most of us are not high-speed copy typists and thus it is not the number of keystrokes or mouse clicks which
  19. According to office ergonomic guidelines “Time using the Computer” is counted as any time in which there was mouse or keyboard activity within the last 30 seconds. Time using the Mouse is counted as any time in which there was a mouse click or mouse movement within the last 5 seconds. Time using the computer Keyboard is counted as any time in which there was keypress within the last 5 seconds. Why different thresholds for computer usage and mouse/keyboard usage? According to office ergonomics guidelines, computer usage has a higher threshold because we are wanting to measure your time spent at
  20. Your break must have been too short according to office ergonomic guidelines. The WorkPace take a break app will reset the stretch break timer if you naturally take a break of longer than 80% of your Break Duration setting. This means if your normal WorkPace Break is set to 5 mins you must take a break of 4mins or more and WorkPace will accept your Break. To see if your Break has reset check the Break timer on the Status Window. All Wellnomics office ergonomics software apps are developed in accordance with industry accepted human factors and office ergonomics guidelines around workplace
  21. Studies of many thousands of people using WorkPace stretch break and stand up app have shown that a user with average WorkPace settings of a 5 minute break after 55 mins computer use will get an average of 1 stretch break warning a day. Note that this is an average – you will get more stretch breaks on some days, less on others. Users with more strict settings will get more stretch breaks. All Wellnomics office ergonomics software apps are developed in accordance with industry accepted human factors and office ergonomics guidelines around workplace ergonomic assessment, home office ergono
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