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  1. This was very helpful, thank you @Angeli User The Settings -> Ease of Access Keyboard Settings tip is really good, thanks for pointing it out! My organization is still on 5.5.5. When running normally, "T" starts a WorkPace Break; when DND is enabled, "T" turns off DND, and "A" starts a break. For future reference should someone else come looking: D -> Status Panel T -> WorkPace Break (when DND is not enabled) A -> when in DND mode, "A" starts a WorkPace Break E -> Exercise N + 3 -> Do Not Disturb for 30 minute (D
  2. @Angeli User - I haven't seen a reply to my last post in this topic, you changed the thread to "moderated", meaning "edited or censored" -? Your reply (above) feels disingenuous. The hotkeys are not displayed, and the shortcuts that used to work DO NOT WORK any more. If this is a matter of user error (mine), please do educate me on how to use these "not visible hotkeys". Looking forward to your reply, thank you.
  3. @Angeli User, assuming that you are the Admin who posted about a future release... when is that release coming out? And will the hotkeys be put back into the UI? Thanks for considering it, please do respond -
  4. Why were keyboard shortcuts removed in v 5.5.5 for Wellnomics tray icon? PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR HOTKEYS. In version 5.5.5, the context menu changed and no longer includes keyboard shortcut keys. In my org, we use keyboard shortcuts for as much as we can, in part to limit mouse usage. In version 5.0.4, you can right-click the tray icon, then use "S" and "1" to go on Standby mode for 15 minutes: In version 5.5.5, the menu changed to "Do not disturb" and the hotkeys have been removed: PLEASE GIVE US BACK OUR HOTKEYS.
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