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How does WorkPace take a break app decide when to pause the break timers?


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For micropauses you are defined as using the keyboard or mouse if you have made any action within the last 5 secs. The chances are that even if there is 5 seconds between two successive actions you will still have been holding your hands over the keyboard, or gripping the mouse between these two actions. If there is longer than 5 seconds between actions then it is more likely that you let go of the mouse, or relaxed your hands and arms is higher. (See How does WorkPace take a break app measure computer (and mouse) usage? for more on why the time spent in static positions is the more important factor monitored by WorkPace take a break app).

In practice, without turning a video camera on you we don’t actually know whether you have let go of the mouse or dropped your hands from the keyboard. Instead WorkPace take a break app takes an educated guess:

If you have not made any action for over 5 secs then you are hopefully taking a micropause, or beginning a stretch break, so pause micropause and break timers.

If you have not made any action for more than 30 seconds you have hopefully left the computer and stopped using it, so pause the daily and weekly limit timers.

For most people the default settings of these stretch break thresholds will be satisfactory, representing a compromise between minimising unnecessary warnings and maximising the protection against muscle tension that WorkPace take a break app offers.

However, some people find that the default settings are too low – the micropause timer can stop and even reset whilst they are still gripping the mouse. For these people is possible to change some of the threshold parameters so that WorkPace take a break app will wait longer before deciding that you have stopped using the computer workstation. (See Micropauses and Advanced Settings for information on changing these threshold parameters).

All Wellnomics office ergonomics software apps are developed in accordance with industry accepted human factors and office ergonomics guidelines around workplace ergonomic assessment, home office ergonomics, ergonomic setup, stretching at work, workplace stretches, office stretching exercises.

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