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(Micropauses) WorkPace stops 'counting down' when I stop typing for a while, how do I stop this?


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WorkPace take a break app tries to detect natural pauses and breaks in your work and thus avoid warning you unnecessarily. This is intended to help reduce the level of disruption of your work by WorkPace which many people can find irritating. For a micropause to be effective you must relax your muscles to allow restoration of blood flow and reduction of fatigue build up. This normally means letting go of the mouse or taking your hands away from the computer keyboard and dropping them at your sides, or in your lap to relax. Hopefully, when WorkPace prompts you to take a micro-pause this is what you to. However, many people can stop actively typing or moving the mouse for a while whilst thinking or reading something on screen. In this case WorkPace may assume that you have taken a micropause when it fact you have not actually relaxed your arm and hand muscles properly. Unfortunately, WorkPace cannot see whether you are actually taking a proper micropause.

In order to help compensate for this a natural micropause (in the default settings) must be 1.5x longer (150%) than your chosen micropause duration before it is counted as a real micropause. For example, if your micropause duration is 10 secs then the micropause counter will only reset after 15 secs of no keyboard or mouse activity.

If you find that the micropause counter is still resetting too often and you are not getting enough micropauses you can do two things:

Increase the micro-pause duration: This means that micropauses will be longer, and thus the reset period will also be longer. To adjust choose Edit/Break Timing on the WorkPace main menu and increase the micropause duration.

Change the micropause reset percentage: There is a special file called sysparam.ini in the WorkPace/system directory on your computer. Load this file into a text editor and under the [Micropause] section change the parameter ResetPct=150 to a higher value. For example, you could change it to ResetPct=400 meaning that natural micropauses would only be counted if they were 4x (400%) longer than the micropause duration. The higher that this value is set the less likely the micropause counter is to reset.

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