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(WorkPace Breaks) When I reach the daily limit the WorkPace break timer simply "rolls over" without warning?


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Whenever a higher level break is due soon any lower-level breaks that are coming up are suspended. This is designed to avoid too much disruption of your work by giving you a micro-pause immediately followed by break, or a break immediately followed by your daily limit warning. When you ignore a daily limit warning the daily limit is then extended by an amount relative to the size of your daily limit — normally about 30 minutes to 1 hr. The problem is that if a break is due but your daily limit is about to be displayed again shortly then WorkPace will decide to reset the break counter and wait to instead give you a daily limit message. However, if you then ignore the daily limit then WorkPace’s assumption that you are about to take a huge long stretching at work break i.e. are finishing work is now incorrect. In later versions we will be looking at improving some of these aspects of the logic to ensure that even if you ignore daily limit warnings you will still get a breaks. In the meantime you can still take a stretch break (even if it has been reset) simply by pressing the break button on the status window.

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