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Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace) for Mac 5.0.7

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We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Mac has been deployed to the website!

New Features and Enhancements

Wellnomics WorkPace has been notarized with Apple

The previous version of the application has raised concerns regarding security due to it being tagged as harmful by Mac OS.  This is no longer the case since the app has been notarized by Apple. Notarization provides assurance that Apple’s servers have checked the code, ensuring it has no harmful or malicious code. (WP-1287)

Installer now provides user with next steps

Wellnomics WorkPace requires permissions in order for its features to function. It wasn’t clear to the user why that is the case. Now, information is provided to the user at the end of the installation screen. The following text is now shown for clarity.

“Wellnomics WorkPace can now be launched from your Applications folder.  If you're prompted to turn on Accessibility, you will see a tutorial that explains how to enable this.  Note that Accessibility permissions are required to allow Wellnomics WorkPace to measure your computer activity in the background while you use other apps”. (WP-1333)

Wellnomics WorkPace is now a menulet application

Because WorkPace should remain open all the time while the user is working on other apps, there is a risk that when WorkPace is the foreground app and the user doesn't realise this, the user might click cmd+Q to quit the application he thinks he's in, with the result being that he accidentally quits WorkPace.

The app has now been converted into a menulet application. A menulet app will not have an icon in the Dock, nor will it have a menu when any of its menus are in the foreground. The user can operate most of the screen freely. (WP-1339)

Bug Fixes

Set-Up Wizard Color Issue for Dark Mode

The color scheme that was used for dark mode proved to be difficult to read. There used to be white text on light grey background and blue text on black ground which looked odd. This has now been fixed by using grayscale colors that are readable both against light and dark backgrounds. (WP-1314)

Resume from Standby Issue

In the previous version 5.5.0, the Resume from standby option on Menu bar was sometimes not enabled and the user couldn't not easily resume from standby.  This issue has now been fixed. (WP-1330)

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