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How does Wellnomics factor in the use of ergonomic mouse or keyboard in its reports?



HI All

How can I let Wellnomics known I am using an ergonomic mouse or keyboard so its reports are adjust to reflect that?

Currently I am showing as at medium risk for mouse use and that risk should actually be lower given the use of an ergonomic mouse

Right now the resulting report is not accurate and thus becomes of little value to me

Let me know

Thank you


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Hi Sarah,

The Wellnomics recommendations are based upon how much time you use your mouse (or keyboard) and how much activity you do with it, including how often you take breaks.  There are a great many different designs of mouse and keyboard available to suit different users and which users may find more comfortable to use based upon their individual preferences.  However, there is not enough published research suggesting that an ergonomic mouse or keyboard by themselves can significantly offset the health risks due to long periods of constrained posture and muscle tension involved in using any keyboard or mouse and the sedentary behavior associated. It may be that some individual designs can help some users to reduce discomfort, but with the hundreds of different designs available and the variability of individual preference (some users prefer trackballs to a mouse for example) it is not possible for the Wellnomics solution to maintain a list of approved ergonomic products that could be said to be proven to positively reduce risks when used.  

Overall the research supports that its more how you use your devices, rather than which device you use that is of the greater importance.  Ultimately, by necessity the Wellnomics software needs to take a more general approach looking at common factors which are relevant to all users and there will always be some additional factors that exist for users that may negatively or positively affect their potential risks, but are not covered by the analysis of the solution.

Kind Regards,


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