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Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace) for Windows 5.5.5

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We are happy to announce a new version of WorkPace for Mac has been deployed to the website!

New Features and Enhancements

Help files update

Help text files within the application have been updated to reflect the changes made to the website URLS and terminologies around the product. This ensures that users will be redirected to the correct web pages. (WPC-478)

Allow for hiding the wizard settings in the app

Users can normally select settings presets from the settings drop down. There is now an option to hide this from the user to remove confusion and conflict between policy settings and presets users can choose locally. The setting that allows for this is <s:HideSetupWizard>true</s:HideSetupWizard>, which already exists in default.ini and in the XML settings policies. When this setting is set as true, the settings drop down will be hidden as well as the Run Setup Wizard button. (WPC-486)

Bug Fixes

Application crashing on a page with Chinese language

There was an issue where the application crashes when accessing the About Page when the language is set to Chinese. This has now been addressed. The application should not crash despite of the language setting. (WPC-361)

Exercise text overlaps

It has been reported by some users that there are some exercises where the text overlaps. This makes the exercise instructions difficult to read. This issue has been fixed in this release. (WPC-516)

Dashboard window migrates upwards when reopened

The main dashboard window in Wellnomics WorkPace used to migrate up the screen when closed and reopened consecutively. This eventually leads to a situation where the main title bar will appear off the top edge of the screen, making it difficult for the users to close or move the screen as they please. This issue has now been resolved. (WPC-480)

Windows 7 compatibility

WPC onwards do not work with Windows 7 due to a software incompatibility. This has now been fixed. The application should work as expected regardless of what Windows version (7, 8 or 10). (WPC-411)

High Daily Usage window not appearing on screen

The High Daily Usage window was reported to be failing to appear on the screen. The sound was reported and the screen was subsequently locked after minimising an RDP session. This has now been addressed as part of this release. The notification around high daily usage should appear as expected.  (WPC-481)

Application crashing due to triggering and quitting Wellnomics Breaks

Occasionally, the application crashes due to the user quickly triggering Wellnomics Breaks. Application has been improved to ensure it doesn’t crash under any circumstances. (WPC-335)

Daily Limit and Weekly Limit Usage enforcement levels update 

It has been reported by some users that the insist notification for daily limit and weekly limit appears multiple times even after they’ve paused from using their computer. In this release, the insist notification should only appear when the set number of alerts have been reached. This is the same behaviour that is currently applied to Wellnomics Breaks and Micro-breaks. The change has been made for both Daily Limits and Weekly Limits for coherence across the application. (WPC-482)

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